Century Bike Ride

Completed My First “Century” Bike Ride

No, that doesn’t mean that I dress up in 1st Century attire and bike around Chicago (I’m not even sure what 1st Century attire would be). It means that I biked 100 miles in a single day. It’s actually something that on Friday I decided I wanted to try to do. The most I’ve ever biked in a day is 60 miles, so I wanted to push myself and make sure that I could ride the longer distances. After today I feel like I should be able to complete the longer 80+ mile days during RAGBRAI.

This morning I set out for my 100 mile ride, but didn’t actually know if I would complete it… mainly because I wasn’t sure if my body would hold together on a ride that long. I’ve been having knee issues lately, along with neck, back, and hand issues. I figured I would just keep going until I couldn’t go anymore… and that I did. I took my normal route up to the Chicago Botanic Garden along the North Branch Trail, and did a couple loops up there before I headed back home.

Amazingly, everything pretty much held together for the entire ride. I had some slight knee pain and a little pinching in the neck, but nothing that was really holding me back from finishing. Actually, the one thing that was bothering me, was my butt. It was a pain in the ass… literally. I could hardly sit on my seat for the last 20 miles. It started bothering me around mile 70, but I knew I couldn’t give up at that point. I just don’t understand why the saddle on a road bike has to be so uncomfortable. I may switch that out before I head to RAGBRAI… my old bike has a better saddle (can I please just call it a seat? I feel like I’m riding a horse when I call it a saddle).

Anyway, I’ll quit blabbering and just bore you with the details. Yes, that’s right, I’m not going to spare you the details, I’m going to bore you with them. Enjoy:

  • Total Miles: 100.39 miles (I was precise in my planning)
  • Total Time: 7 hours 45 minutes
  • Average Speed: 14.5 mph (I was at about 16, but I slowed down a lot during the last 20 miles)
  • Max Speed: 23.8 mph
  • Avg Heart Rate: 140
  • Max Heart Rate: 162
  • Calories Burned: 4,943 (Is that even possible? Seems crazy…)

I also weighed myself when I got home and I had lost 4 lbs. I didn’t know you could lose that much weight in a day. I’m sure I’ll gain it back in a few hours once I have an actual meal. All I ate the entire time was a couple granola bars, two good size cookies, a snickers bar… I got hungry. I brought the granola bars, but then after mile 80 I had to stop at a gas station and get some junk food. Felt good. Felt real good.

4 thoughts on “Completed My First “Century” Bike Ride”

  1. I want to do this when you have recovered from RAGBRAI and like biking again. We can start at 6 and be done by 1:30ish. I may have to try it this weekend on my own.

    1. Well, did you try it? I should be up for a long ride soon. I don’t want to rest too much or I’ll get out of shape. We should have went this morning. Kidding.

  2. Congrats on the ride. In the last couple years I have gained more interest in riding the bike. Got a heart monitor recently too but I am just trying to hold it in the low 30s. My back hurts too if I ride too long so about an hour is my ride time. Also like hills with little traffic. Trying to get this old body in aerobic shape one more time. Visited Leslie and Aunt Lil and did Little Cottonwood. Want to send you a book on a cross country ride. Have those body aches checked out. Good job.

    1. Thanks! Good to hear from you! I just received the book in the mail yesterday when I got back from my ride across Iowa. Looks like a good read! That was quite a trip he did. I got most of my aches figured out and had a good trip this past week. I was happy that I was able to ride through the week with little to no aches or pain. It made for a good ride! I think it only gets easier and better if you keep riding. I’ll let you know what I think of the book. Thanks again!

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