Cross country cycling trip

Summer of Andy Cycling

It wasn’t until I moved to Chicago that I really got into riding my bicycle. I bought a bike shortly after I moved to Chicago and I haven’t stopped riding it since then. Actually, that’s a lie… I’m not very fond of the cold weather so I tend to only ride my bike during the nicer months. During the summer I ride my bike into work pretty much every day. It’s only a few miles from my apartment to where I work, but it gets me riding every day.

I created this page because I have big plans for cycling in the next couple years. First, let me say that I’ve always wanted to ride a bike cross country. I’m not saying I’m going to do that this year, but it’s a goal of mine. I’ll start with smaller trips and work up to that, but this is the page where I’ll be discussing my plans and my latest cycling trips.


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