Bike the Drive 2012 registration materials

Getting Ready for Bike the Drive and Summer Biking

Just the other day my official Bike the Drive 2012 registration materials arrived in the mail. Now it’s time to get serious about the summer biking season. I have quite a few things to think about and consider… I’m even looking at some future events and bike trips.


  • Buy a New Road Bike – Yup, it’s on my list and I’ll probably do this within the next week. I currently have a 2008 hybrid and now that I’m getting a little more serious about biking, I’d like to get a road bike, but nothing too expensive just yet.
  • New Biking Accessories – Once I get my new bike, I’m going to need some new biking accessories: helmet, clip pedals and shoes, aerobars, and maybe some new biking clothes.
  • Workout Routine – I definitely need to fit a workout routine into my schedule. I either need to hit the gym in the morning or get out and bike a few miles each day (even though it’s still a little cold for me). Maybe I should add warm biking clothes to my list…

Biking this Summer

  • Bike the Drive – Sunday, May 27, 2012 – I’ll be getting up early and heading towards the lake to ride along the beautiful Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, Illinois. Once every year Lake Shore Drive is shut down to allow bicyclists to ride freely along this stretch of road and take in the amazing city skyline and views of the lake.
  • RAGBRAI – July 22-28, 2012 – I find out in early May if I was selected in the lottery to participate in RAGBRAI. If I’m selected this will be my first big bike trip that I’ve ever done, and I have a lot of logistics to figure out… How will I get there? How will I get back? I should also figure out everything that I’ll need. Luckily the RAGBRAI site has a ton of information!
  • Other State Sponsored Bike Trips – It’s possible that I might not get into RAGBRAI, or I may just want to do some more biking! I’ve been looking into some other state sponsored bike trips around Illinois. I found this site called Biking Bis that lists biking tours in different states.

Biking in the Future

I’m already thinking into next year and beyond. Yes, I’ve said it before, I want to do a cross country bike trip. All of the biking I do this year is going to help me decide if I’m ready to take the leap and bike across this country. I’ve also been thinking about other trips I may want to consider before I ride from California to New York… all 3,000+ miles! There’s a bike trail that goes from northern Washington (or Vancouver, BC) all the way down to southern California, along the coast. It sounds like an amazing trip and is about half the distance compared to biking across the country. Still not sure who is going to do either of these trips with me…

What do you think?

  1. Go for the cross country bike trip!
  2. Bike the west coast first!

Let me know in the comments!

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