RAGBRAI by the numbers

RAGBRAI 2012 by the Numbers: Mileage & Statistics

Well, if you’re wondering what it takes to ride across the state of Iowa on a bike, here are all of the statistics I kept track of on my trip… the mileage, speed, trip time, and workout statistics (calories, heart rate). Below I’ve given a trip total and then a breakdown for each of 7 days of RAGBRAI. The mileage numbers are a little off from the official RAGBRAI mileage, but this is expected because some times I would ride around a town a little more while visiting or getting something to eat along the way. The numbers are pretty close though…

Total Mileage & Statistics

Cycling Time: 33 hours 22 minutes
Distance: 504.21 miles (includes 11.83 additional miles from overnight towns)
Average Speed: 14.6 mph
Maximum Speed: 34.8 mph
Calories Burned: 22,769
Average Heart Rate: 134 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate: 171 bpm

Sioux Center to Cherokee

Cycling Time: 4 hours 7 minutes
Distance: 56.90 miles
Average Speed: 13.8 mph
Maximum Speed: 33.7 mph
Calories Burned: 2,752
Average Heart Rate: 134 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate: 165 bpm

Cherokee to Lake View

Cycling Time: 4 hours 18 minutes
Distance: 66.76 miles
Average Speed: 15.5 mph
Maximum Speed: 26.6 mph
Calories Burned: 3,491
Average Heart Rate: 146 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate: 170 bpm

Lake View to Webster City

Cycling Time: 6 hours 8 minutes
Distance: 86.42 miles
Average Speed: 14 mph
Maximum Speed: 34.7 mph
Calories Burned: 4,133
Average Heart Rate: 138 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate: 171 bpm

Webster City to Marshalltown

Cycling Time: 5 hours 22 minutes
Distance: 80.22 miles
Average Speed: 14.9 mph
Maximum Speed: 28.9 mph
Calories Burned: 3,816
Average Heart Rate: 139 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate: 164 bpm

Marshalltown to Cedar Rapids

Cycling Time: 5 hours 36 minutes
Distance: 88.36 miles
Average Speed: 15.7 mph
Maximum Speed: 32.5 mph
Calories Burned: 3,538
Average Heart Rate: 132 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate: 159 bpm

Cedar Rapids to Anamosa

Cycling Time: 3 hours 3 minutes
Distance: 41.76 miles
Average Speed: 13.6 mph
Maximum Speed: 33.9 mph
Calories Burned: 1,942
Average Heart Rate: 127 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate: 157 bpm

Anamosa to Clinton

Cycling Time: 4 hours 48 minutes
Distance: 71.96 miles
Average Speed: 15 mph
Maximum Speed: 34.8 mph
Calories Burned: 3,097
Average Heart Rate: 130 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate: 159 bpm

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    1. Yeah, I definitely burned a lot of calories, but I’m pretty sure I consumed quite a few calories in junk food every day. Lynn read in an article that if you do RAGBRAI the way it should be done, you shouldn’t lose any weight…

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