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Summer of Andy Introduction to Saving Money

When I tell people about the first Summer of Andy that I did in 2006, one of the top five questions is always, “How did you have the money to do that?” Well, I’ve always been a good saver and I’ve always really liked money. I know, everyone likes money, but I like it so much that I’d rather stare at a big pile of it in my house than actually spend it. I’d even rather stare at a number in an online savings account than spend my money.

My friends would say I’m cheap or frugal, which is completely true, but that’s just part of it. Yes, you do have to be able to resist buying all of those fancy clothes, electronics and such from time to time, but that’s just the start… Being able to save money takes some will power, a little routine and a lot of mind trickery. Yup, I said mind trickery.

Am I extremely wealthy? Do I have an amazing job that pays me six figures? No and No. I graduated from college with a double major in Theater and Broadcasting, and roughly $20K in student loans. I had no idea how I was going to make money to support my life as a starving actor, but I moved to New York City and found temping to be the easiest way to support my acting “career.” I didn’t continue to act, so it never really turned into a career, but temping was the perfect way to start working when I moved to New York.

I’m not going to get into the details right now of how I save money, but here are a couple fun facts from my first few years living in New York:

  • After three years I had completely paid off my $20,000 in student loans
  • Three years after that I had saved over $30,000 and was ready to take my first Summer of Andy

Stay tuned for future blog posts where I’ll go into specific details on how I save money and what you can do to put a little extra money away each month.

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