DALMAC 2013 by the Numbers: Mileage & Statistics

Another year of cycling and another multi-day cycling trip… This year I traveled into Michigan to ride DALMAC, the 5 day cycling tour from East Lansing to Mackinaw. My route actually went over the Mackinac Bridge and onto the Upper Peninsula where we ended in Sault Ste Marie. Just like last year for RAGBRAI 2012, I did keep track of all the statistics on my cycling trip… the mileage, speed, trip time, and workout statistics (calories, heart rate). Below I’ve given a trip total and then a breakdown for each of 5 days of DALMAC. The mileage numbers are a little off from the official DALMAC mileage, but this is mainly because I got off track a couple times and added a few extra miles to my daily routes. For the most part, the numbers are pretty close though. This time around I even added in a few notes on the weather for each day. Continue reading DALMAC 2013 by the Numbers: Mileage & Statistics

What I’m Packing for My Next Multi-Day Bicycle Trip

This week I head off to Michigan to ride DALMAC, a five day ride from East Lansing to the Upper Peninsula. This is my second multi-day bike trip that I’ve done in the last year or so, and I can only hope that everything I forgot to pack last time I’ve remembered to bring this time.

Last year was RAGBRAI, a seven day bike ride across Iowa. One of the only packing mistakes that drove me crazy on that trip was that I did not pack anything to sit on. So many times I just wanted to sit around and read once I had arrived at camp for the day. This time, I have solved that issue!
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