Bicycle Route from Chicago to Milwaukee

This will be my detailed breakdown of the bicycle route I took to get from Chicago to Milwaukee. I’m definitely not saying that this is the route that every one should take, and in my opinion this is definitely not the best route.

Before we get started, I’ll tell you three things about this route:

  1. This IS NOT a good route for road bikes. It can be done (I did it on a road bike), but the route is made up of streets, nicely paved trails, crappy old paved trails, and crushed limestone trails.
  2. This IS a good route for people that want to spend the least amount of time on roads and streets… except for the beginning when there is quite a bit of street riding. That can be changed though if you really wanted to avoid streets.
  3. I chose this route because it was one of the only routes that made the trip over 100 miles (101.5 to be exact). It can be done in less than 100 miles… I saw a few different routes that were around 90 miles.

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