RAGBRAI 2012 by the Numbers: Mileage & Statistics

Well, if you’re wondering what it takes to ride across the state of Iowa on a bike, here are all of the statistics I kept track of on my trip… the mileage, speed, trip time, and workout statistics (calories, heart rate). Below I’ve given a trip total and then a breakdown for each of 7 days of RAGBRAI. The mileage numbers are a little off from the official RAGBRAI mileage, but this is expected because some times I would ride around a town a little more while visiting or getting something to eat along the way. The numbers are pretty close though… Continue reading RAGBRAI 2012 by the Numbers: Mileage & Statistics

Links to RAGBRAI 2012 Overnight Town Websites

Thought I would pass along these links to the RAGBRAI 2012 overnight town websites. I think it’s great how involved each overnight town gets with this event. Looks like it’s going to be a good time. Hopefully I won’t be too tired after riding all day to join in on the festivities…