My Tough Mudder Wisconsin 2012 Experience

Let me just say that this year’s Tough Mudder event in Wisconsin was far more organized than the previous year. After last year’s parking debacle that left us sitting in traffic for over an hour to travel just 3 miles, I’m sure the organizers wanted to avoid that. This year, a new location and better parking. Because of the parking situation last year, we were forced to miss our start time and had to start later than expected. It wasn’t a big deal that we were late, but sitting in traffic for over an hour when it’s not expected is rough… especially when you have to go to the bathroom! If you think about it, there are all these people on their way to a race and of course they’re drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated. As we inched slowly towards the event, cars doors started opening and people were running into the woods (or hay fields) to use natures “restroom” and then quickly running back to their cars. Thankfully, we didn’t have that problem this year. Continue reading My Tough Mudder Wisconsin 2012 Experience

Bike Ride from Chicago to Wisconsin… and Back!

When you read that, maybe you’re saying, “Hey, that seems like a long ride!” Well, you would be correct, and I would say, “Yes, 113 miles to be exact.” If it hurts your knees, ankles, or possibly even your butt just thinking about it, well just imagine how I feel. At this point, pretty good, but it’s also been two days.

This was the longest one day ride I’ve ever been on and my second century ride. My first century ride was earlier this summer before my RAGBRAI trip. This century ride to Wisconsin I did with my friend and fellow cycling enthusiast, Allison Wagner (There you go Allison, I gave you a name in this post instead of just “friend” like my last post). Allison was brave to join me and trust that I actually knew where I was going… when I obviously didn’t. I mapped it on Google Maps and had a few print-outs with me… Oh, and my trusty GPS (my phone). Either way, we were ready for an adventure. Continue reading Bike Ride from Chicago to Wisconsin… and Back!